Dan Schwartz is an investigative journalist based in Colorado. He often writes about subjects at the intersection of the environment and the outdoors but fundamentally seeks long-form stories driven by compelling characters, snappy dialogue, and scene-rooted action. His writing has appeared in national magazines such as The Atlantic, Outside Magazine, Vice Magazine, and The Virginia Quarterly Review.


Dan is a seasoned reporter with a track record of prying public records from public institutions by leveraging freedom of information laws. He frequently speaks about it at conferences and in classrooms. Right now, with the help of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and the Cornell Law School First Amendment Clinic, Dan is suing the Pennsylvania State Police for the release of certain email, text messages, and voicemail.


Photo by Bryan Rowe

Dan started his career at daily papers in Alaska, New Mexico, and Vermont, winning awards along the way for unearthing government corruption and bird-dogging environmental regulators reluctant to regulate. He honed his craft in a master’s program at the Missouri School of Journalism, where he landed a fellowship with The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and worked part-time as a researcher for Investigative Reporters and Editors.


Dan has an undergraduate degree in outdoor education. Back in the day, he dabbled in guiding. He doesn’t guide anymore but has kept his skills sharp and when he's not writing he may be found outside, depending on the season or topography, backcountry skiing or ice climbing or rock climbing or mountain biking or trail running or swimming or sailing or, to his mother’s chagrin, dirt biking. She’s right to worry. Motorcycles are dangerous.